Seven Stars (7s) NFTs Whitepaper


We are grateful to all authors who have interpreted the phenomenon of NFTs. This whitepaper is based on their research and added our team’s vision, hoping the NFTs industry can continuously develop and bring a positive effect on the progress of human society!

NFTs Definition

Non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs, are indivisible, non-interchangeable, and unique tokens. Therefore, no two are exactly alike in the world. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are launched on blockchain to specify the ownership of unique digital assets, including collectibles, game arming, digital art, event tickets, domain names, and even ownership records of physical assets.

NFTs Development

NFTs was born in June 2017, an Ethereum blockchain pixel avatars project called CryptoPunks. Two creative technology experts, John Watkinson and Matt Hall, realized that they could create a unique character native to the Ethereum blockchain. The total number of these characters is capped at 10,000, and no two are exactly alike. They called this project a tribute to Cypherpunks, the pioneer of Bitcoin in the 90s.

NFTs Market

At present, NFTs trading platforms include primary for issuing market and secondary market for trading. Among of them, OpenSea is currently the largest secondary market for trading. It’s even become the infrastructure of NFTs. There are other well-known trading platforms, such as SuperRare mentioned by Visa and Nifty Gateway acquired by Gemini. Binance also launched its own NFTs trading platform. Now, let’s look at the performance of some hot NFTs projects in the market.

NFTs Value

In most people’s mine, the NFT avatar is only a picture, how can it be worth so much money? Isn’t it speculation and bubbles? If you simply look at the pictures, the designs, most of them, are not exquisite and charming enough. Even some of them are not well-designed. Their artistic value and appreciation value are not the same levels as the artworks which is approved in real life. However, their core value is not artistic at all. They are social capital, practicality and investment, which’s generally agreed that they are the core value of subversive influence on social and identity recognition.

NFTs Investment

Sports star: Well-known NBA star Stephen Curry bought an ape NFT (Bored Ape Yacht Club, BAYC) for 55 ETH ($180,000). Then he changed his Twitter profile picture to that NFT and added “BAYC” to his bio. Except BAYC, he also bought Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT (BAKC) for 5.7 ETH ($18,000), a leopard dog with a basketball hoop.

Team responsibility

There are people tribute to the cypherpunk movement in CryptoPunks. As well in Bored Ape Yacht Club, people love subculture. It’s a pity that Asian culture seems to be absent from the current NFTs boom. Although Asian countries compared with Western countries, there is always a lag in the public chains and DeFi. In fact, oriental culture also has a lot of audiences in western countries. We believe that the NFT series of collections with the theme of oriental culture will stand out in the future NFTs field.

Token Distribution

PandaCola NFT (PCNFT) is a Binance Smart Chain-based reward governance token. The total supply of PCNFT was issued for 100,000,000. It won’t be increased any more. The PCNFT is used for philanthropy and rewarding the fans who supports and promotes Seven Star team’s NFTs projects. The distribution of PCNFT are promotion and operation pool (90%), liquidity mining pool (10%) and project foundation (0%).


Series I : PandaCola


Sep. 2021, the Seven Stars team (7s) series NFT project will be announced. Initial sale of PandaCola NFTs. To build NFT players group chats.

About Us

The Seven Stars team (7s) is composed of the world’s top geeks, artists, technical experts, and operation experts. They have been deeply involved in the crypto field for many years and believe in the ideas of digital art and metaverse. The team is to build a complete ecosystem of NFT, relying on blockchain and big data technology, basing on underlying protocols such as NFT minting, issuing and exchanging. The team will cooperate with many top blockchain projects, including media, exchanges, public chains, mining pools, Defi, Gamefi, and NFT projects. Through projects linkage, NFT application scenarios will be expanded, NFTs products will be continuously empowered. The team will combine lending, mining, price oracle machines, smart pools, and other solutions to increase the secondary liquidity of NFTs to help increase the growth of NFTs asset value, so that NFT works have more application scenarios except for collection and display. In the future, we will develop more NFTs application scenarios as well. Eventually, there will be an NFTs ecosystem with multi-field synergy based on NFT + DeFi + Gamefi + development.



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