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7Stars NFT
4 min readSep 26, 2021

The Seven Stars team is composed of the world’s top geeks, artists, technique experts and operation experts. They have been deeply involved in the crypto field for many years and believe in the ideas of digital art and metaverse. Our team is donated ourselves to help NFT works have more application scenarios except collection and display. In the future, we will develop more NFTs application scenarios as well. Eventually, there will be an NFTs ecosystem with multi-field synergy based on NFT + DeFi + Gamefi + development.

PandaCola NFT (PCNFT) is a Binance Smart Chain-based reward governance token. The total supply of PCNFT was issued for 100,000,000. It won’t be increased any more.

The PCNFT is used for philanthropy and rewarding the fans who supports and promotes Seven Star team’s NFTs projects. The distribution of PCNFT are promotion and operation pool (90%), liquidity mining pool (10%) and project foundation (0%).

In the future, we will buy back the PCNFT in circulation with royalties.

PCNFT can be used to exchange NFT with 7s team, 3000 PCNFT/NFT.

Buying PandaCola on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/pandacola

PCNFT Contract Address:


The 90,000,000 PCNFT on Operation pool is used to reward fans participating in our promotion events and airdrop. The follows are release the rules.

№1 Attention Mining

We truly believe person’s attention is valuable and should be rewarded. Therefore, completing the following simple tasks, you will be rewarded 100 PCNFT airdrop.

Join 7Stars NFT Telegram Group


Subscribe 7Stars NFT Telegram Channel


Join 7Stars NFT Discord Group


Follow 7Stars Twitter and retweet the PIN twitter


Sign up 7Stars NFT website: https://7s.cool

Fill the form to receive airdrop!


№2 Wealth Mining

Buying 7s NFTs is the super support to us. Thus, when buying each NFT avatar on initial sale, you will be rewarded 1000 PCNFT airdrop.

№3 Luck Mining

Luck is an important part of person’s ability. To reward the 7s NFT avatar holders, we innovated two lottery games to airdrop.

1. Award Selection Rules Based on Binance Chain Hash Value

We will take the final 5 numeric digits of the last Ethereum Chain hash value at 11:59 PM (UTC) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday as the winning number.

A holder’s NFT Identifier (NFTID) contains 5 digits at most. If any NFTID contains less than 5 digits, “0” will be added in front of the first digit until we have 5 digits in total (for example, assume that the NFTID is #3019, the adjusted NFTID will be #03019).

We will then use the last 4 digits of winning number to match the NFTIDs from the second digit onwards. Holders whose NFTIDs’ last 4 digits match the consecutive identical digits will win the reward.

For example: Assume that the last Ethereum Chain block hash value on Monday is: 3E53A755905113FD1738F0A585D65CE4AC942AAF214625112E30A07FBBA5DFA5

Removing the letters from the hash value gives us a string of numbers: 35375590511317380585654942214625112300755

The winning number is 00755.

Comparing the last 4 digits of all NFTIDs, if it matches the last 4 digits (0755) of the winning number 00755, the holder will be the winner. #0755 is an adjusted NFTID, its real NFTID is #755. That is to say, the winner is the holder of NFTID #755.

2. China Welfare Lottery: Union Lotto

We will take the winning numbers of Union Lotto, seven numbers, generated at 1:15 PM (UTC) on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

For example, the winning number of Tuesday (Sep 21, 2021) , we connect every two consecutive numbers to generate six lucky numbers, 1115, 1518,1824, 2426, 2632, 3209.Then, total up the six lucky numbers, 12724, as the winning number. Finally, Comparing the last 4 digits of all NFTIDs, if it matches the last 4 digits (2724) of the winning number 12724, the holder will be the winner. That is to say, the winner is the holder of NFTID 2724.

There will be 6 draws a week, 1 winner of each draw, and each winner will get 1000 PCNFT airdrop.

The winning number will be announced on official channels. If you hold the winning PandaCola NFT, contact 7StarNFT@gmail.com or DM on Twitter to receive airdrop.

№4 Influence Mining

Influence determines your airdrop.

1. Retweet. If you joined Attention Mining, don’t forget to add comment and @three friends when retweet. Else follow before retweet.

NOTE: @three friends and add the follow comment when retweet:

Join 7StarsNFT community, to get airdrop and PandaCola NFTs. 6ways to get 90% token airdrop!

Airdrop PCNFT=Reweets*0.2+Comments*0.15+Likes*0.1

The minimum airdrop is 50 PCNFT, calculating monthly. Person’s maximum is 1000 PCNFT.

2. KOL. KOL retweets the pin twitter.

1 million+ fans, will be reward a rare NFT avatar.

10 million+ fans, will be rewarded a customized NFT avatar.

№5 Operating Mining

Community admin, 3000 PCNFT monthly. If you are experienced in community management and interested in our NFTs project, freely to contact us. Newbie is also welcome. Contact us 7StarsNFT@gmail.com, or DM Twitter: 7StarsNFT.

№6 Creation Mining

If you are a creator, creating articles, videos, cartoons on the subject with 7Stars NFT, we will select some excellent works posting on 7Stars NFT social medias. And the creator will be rewarded 200 PCNFT.

№7 Stay tuned!